Hello Esteemed Visitor

Tim here, welcome to my  blog.


So what makes this blog different from the 20 billion others out there?

Well for a start this is NOT a ‘make money blog’ I am happy to say, there are quite enough of those around the internet whose owners have never made a cent :-).

Take a look at this: Google results for ‘make money online’  …  About 2,520,000,000 results. That’s 2.52 BILLION trying to rank for that phrase LOL.  That is some serious competition.

Edit: Since I wrote the above, Goog’s algo updates succeeded in removing millions of pages for this search query, the total is now, as of September 2013 only 1.86 billion lol, and the amount of sites who have in their title is a piddling 36,700,000, that’s the best part of 37 million website owners trying to rank for ten available front page spots in the SERP’s, so for gawd’s sake folks don’t try it with your shiny new blog.

Come to think of it ‘internet marketing’ has over 67 million results, so don’t try that one either 🙂

This is my personal repository for stuff I have collected over time, in addition to it being a blog,  so that I can offload this collection off my hard drive to a place where it may be useful to others, most of it certainly helped me, and this will most definitely be the case if you are just starting out.


Having been at the internet marketing game for a while now, like perhaps some of you, I have steadily accumulated knowledge about anything and everything connected with this industry, lots of resources and useful tips and advice added to which are some articles I have put together especially for beginners who don’t know their a$$ from their elbow yet and have no idea of where or how to start.


So if you are a beginner watch out for the ‘Newbie Nuggets’ in my posts, I have even given you a dedicated category all to yourself so that you can easily find stuff that will be useful to you in making a start which is what I urge you to do throughout. As you have probably already heard,  (the right) action is the key to success.


Although these days my time online is limited I like blogging very much as it gives much more freedom of expression and I find it a welcome release from spending hours like I used to writing about mundane topics or products for article marketing purposes, plus the fact this is my blog and I can write about whatever I like with no restraints on content.


It is very nice sometimes to get your thoughts, observations and strategies down on epaper (?) and bring them all together as a whole, I find it helps to organize the mind, this is important for people starting out as your mind will look like an explosion in a Spaghetti factory if you could look inside it 🙂


I also like to help and teach people, perhaps if I’d had an education I may have become a teacher, I find it sort of gives you a warm glow inside.

Please note once again this is not a ‘make money online’ blog and I have no crappy MMO affiliate products for sale on here.

I do have some products I created myself, some are free others are not, but they are priced so that they are within the reach of anyone, I did think to give them all away for free, but this has the unfortunate effect of just attracting freebie seekers, who just download products because they are free, not because they are going to use them.

Most of my my products are designed from the ground up, they are newbie-friendly and I assume you may have very little prior knowledge, check out a free one or two to see if you like the ‘cut of my jib’.

Another good thing about this blog is that I couldn’t give a rats a$s where this site may appear in Google, there is no attempt at SEO  going on to try and and improve rankings, so no running round like a headless chicken trying to get backlinks for me Yippee! anything that’s happens to get ranking in the SERP’s will be entirely by accident. I have no reliance on the search engines for traffic at all with this site. That’s another nugget folks, remember it well.

Finally, on my own IM journey with limited funds (sound familiar?)  I have been very careful where I have spent my precious dollars, and resisted the temptation to buy every shiny new piece of IM software that comes out, only buying things I could personally find a need for at the time, I suggest that you do the same.

It is all to easy to buy things on others recommendations,  generally because they have a convenient link nearby to the product in question, which is fine as long as the product is good,  but I get get very dismayed by marketers promoting crap products to other marketers especially newbies, usually they have never even used or bought the product they are promoting. Welcome to the murky world of IM

Beware of people writing reviews for products they have never even seen let alone bought, you can always tell by the amount of fluff and filler in their writing but little if anything about the products themselves other than a recommendation to buy it because its brilliant, but forget about that just buy it and get $3000 of my free bonuses, which you will probably never get around to using,  but may often be better than the product being sold.

By Tim Abbott On Google+